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Saving our 2014 Vintage

At present our crop is under seige by lorikeets!  This is keeping us busy here chasing birds out from under the nets morning and night!  Unfortunately we won't be able to get to any markets while this is happening.  Rain might help if the Box trees were to burst out with blossom.







This morning after spending 5 hours before breakfast out there mending holes and chasing birds out, Rod thought it might be time to sell up! :) However, after breaky, he was much more positive about pushing on. A little reminder of the hardships he survived with the droughts and carting water for the vines, made these pesky little critters not so powerful! The fact that our neighbours over the hill picked what remained of their crop and made jam, sent them searching our way for some tasty grapes.


Rod and Celia Price


Telephone:  (07) 4163 3403
Mobile: 0427 301 446


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